Mission Critical Consulting offers several workshops for your teams that engage them in discussion and activities to demonstrate a concept that will improve their knowledge and teach principles that will impact their performance and/or decision-making.

Who Is This For?

Our workshops are ideal for professional development events and team retreats at corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

What Is The Process?

We will work collaboratively to identify the best workshop to meet the goals of your event and provide the greatest impact for your audience.


What Workshops Do We Offer?

The 3 Team Agreements: Build A Profitable Team

In this 90-minute workshop, your team will focus on developing a Team Agreement that governs how they interact with each other for both team and organizational success. Ideal for newly formed teams or teams who have experienced challenges with communication, this workshop uses consensus-building strategies to develop the team agreement. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of team expectations around the team agreement concepts, a physical copy of the team agreement to serve as a reminder of expectations, and a strategy for successfully navigating both one-on-one and group interactions.

Time: 90 minutes 

Ideal Audience: Executive Leadership Teams, Managerial Teams, Committees/Work Groups, Student Leaders 

Audience Size: Ideal for groups of 10-20, maximum of 30

Leadership Lessons from Childhood Games

What can Hopscotch teach us about personal and professional leadership? What can Connect Four teach us about team-building? This is not your typical leadership development workshop.

Through interactive games and play, your audience will learn key concepts that will help them reflect on their leadership journey, recognize how their leadership traits are expressed in different contexts, and identify areas for leadership growth.

Time: 2-3 hours 

Ideal Audience: Executive Leaders, Managerial Staff, Student Leaders, Teams 

Audience Size: Ideal for groups of 25-30, maximum of 60

Making the Mission Mine

In this 90-minute workshop, your audience will dive into what your organization’s mission means to them personally and how their position or role impacts mission attainment. They will complete their personal Position Mission Statement that is directly aligned with the organization’s mission and gain clarity about what it will take to be successful. Participants will leave recognizing the value of their positions to the organization’s mission, they will have a tangible reminder of why they are there, and they will develop strategies for obtaining success in accomplishing their position mission.

Time: 90 minutes

Ideal Audience: Executive Leaders, Managerial Staff, All employees, Student Leaders 

Audience Size: Ideal for groups of 10-25, maximum of 40

Transforming Bias to Community-Building Action: An Introduction

This session is designed for organizations that want to better understand how unconscious bias influences their behavior, the behaviors of others, and profits. Participants will assess the diversity within their team/organization as well as among those the organization/team serves.

Time: 2 hours 

Ideal Audience: Executive Leaders, Managerial Staff, All employees, Student Leaders 

Audience Size: Maximum of 40

Token Inclusion Is Never Enough: Strategies for Sustainable Organizational Change

Are you tired of talking about diversity and inclusion, but not getting the results you want in your institution? Do you meet in committee but only talk to the usual suspects and make recommendations for sustainable change to increase productivity and retention of star quality employees that never get implemented? Are you committed to institutional diversity and inclusion but no one else seems to be held accountable? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, this session is for you. Your team will learn an evidence-based strategy to communicate and problem solve for sustainable organizational change across your entire institution.

Time: 2 hours 

Ideal Audience: Diversity Councils, Offices and Committees; Leadership, Staff, and/or Faculty (participants should have had some prior training and development related to diversity and inclusion) 

Audience Size: Maximum of 20

What's Next?

Let’s talk! If you are interested in one of our workshops for your upcoming event, please schedule your strategy call and complete the interest form. We’ll discuss your needs, determine the best topic for your event and identify other ways we may be able to serve you.