Our consultants are available for keynote speaking on mission, leadership and communication topics. Through stories, straight-talk, and specific examples, your audience will hear a message that will inspire them to reflect, learn and grow.

Who Is This For?

Our keynotes are ideal for professional development events, recognition events, and team retreats at corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

What Is The Process?

While we offer several signature keynotes, we will work with you to determine the best message for your audience and event and will ensure that key themes you request are incorporated for a customized message and experience.

What Are The Options?

The following keynote topics are available as either 20-30 minute leadership talks or 30-60 minute keynote messages.


What Are The Options?

The following keynote topics are available as either 20-30 minute leadership talks or 30-60 minute keynote messages.

mcc-event.jpegWhen Mission Becomes Critical

This message is designed to boost employee morale, motivate staff to lead from their position and realize the unique value they each bring to the organization. It is ideal for companies and organizations going through change, that have experienced a recent major setback or loss, or that simply want to communicate how much they value their employees. Your audience will walk away feeling valued, more connected to the mission, and inspired to do great work.

The Power of Learning in Leading

What if the way we learn impacts the way we lead and how we respond to being led? This message shares how we can harness the power of learning to grow our personal and professional leadership prowess for goal attainment. Your audience will leave with greater self-knowledge, the ability to recognize opportunities for improved communication with team members, and the ability to adapt to performance challenges.

The Leadership Trifecta: Clarity, Communication & Connection

How can we build teams that are committed to the mission? How can we grow people who will in turn grow our company? Through great leadership. But great leaders don’t exist without intentional action. This message shares the three core focus points for great leadership and the results that follow. Your audience will leave with a greater understanding about how these concepts impact organizational culture and performance, keys for taking intentional action in these areas for immediate results, and a renewed commitment to better leadership.

Claiming Our World

Together, let’s engage your audience in an interactive keynote that enrolls them in your vision for diversity and inclusion that is aligned with your mission and motivates them to be curious, brave and confident on their journey to value the culture you have or want, to check their biases, and more. The objectives are yours and our speaker will bring warmth, energy, truth, and fun to these critical topics for your organization.

What's Next?

Let’s talk! If you are interested in one of our keynotes for your upcoming event, please schedule your strategy call and complete the interest form. We’ll discuss your needs, determine the best topic for your event and identify other ways we may be able to serve you.