Mission Critical Consulting offers three types of coaching: Leadership Transition Coaching, Communication & Performance Coaching, Behavior Intervention Coaching, and Coaching for Inclusive Leadership.

Who Is This For?

mission-critical-coaching.jpgOur coaching programs are ideal for corporations, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions that have employees with specific needs that are best addressed in a one-on-one, supportive, and holistic environment. Coaching can be contracted for a single employee, a unit, or multiple employees across divisions.

What Is The Process?

The organization identifies the employees who will participate in coaching. The parameters and boundaries of the coaching relationship are communicated and agreed upon by the organization, the coaching client, and the coach. The coach facilitates an executive consulting session with either the employee’s manager, a Human Resources representative, or another designee to discuss specific coaching goals that the organization has identified for the coaching client.

Coaching is conducted live, privately and confidentially with the selected employee either in person (depending on location) or virtually. Coaching is typically conducted bi-weekly for 3 months or monthly for 6 months, with additional weekly access to online asynchronous coaching for continued support between live sessions.

What Coaching Do We Offer?

coaching-one-on-one.jpgLeadership Transition Coaching

Employees participating in Leadership Transition Coaching have typically either been in a leadership role but have recently transitioned into a new higher-level role or have not previously been in a leadership role and are transitioning into their first professional leadership position. This coaching program focuses on helping the employee to identify the potential or existing challenges in the new role, develop a strategy for overcoming those challenges, develop solutions to people and process problems, and effectively communicate and interact with organizational stakeholders at all levels.

Coaching provides a safe environment for employees to discuss challenges, their feelings about those challenges, and to get honest feedback on how they are handling those challenges. The coach acts as a sounding board for the client, allowing him/her to vet ideas and solutions, role play scenarios related to confronting issues and giving critical feedback to staff, and determine their goals for the next 12 months.

As a result of coaching, the employee will:

  • Be more confident in their role and decision-making;
  • Know how to communicate appropriately across the organization;
  • Have developed strategies for dealing with difficult employees;
  • Have developed strategies for appropriately and effectively advocating for the needs of his/her area of responsibility;
  • Gain clarity about his/her strengths and areas of growth as a leader; and,
  • Develop a leadership philosophy that will guide his/her behaviors.

Communication & Performance Coaching

Employees participating in Communication & Performance Coaching are focused on improving their communication skills and their performance. This coaching program is a beneficial add-on to the Personality vs Patterns training session, which relates how we learn to how we communicate and interact with the world around us. The employee will gain self-knowledge and awareness that will not only improve their communication but also their performance.

As a result of coaching, employees will be able to:

  • Identify their learning patterns;
  • Recognize which patterns are being expressed in a situation compared to which patterns are needed in a situation;
  • Recognize the patterns of others and adapt to improve communication;
  • Tether, forge, and intensify their patterns for performance success;
  • Utilize the language of learning to advocate for their needs and share their performance challenges appropriately; and,
  • Plan performance goals using their knowledge of their learning patterns.

Leaders and Managers who participate in Communication & Performance Coaching will also be able to:

  • Evaluate employees more fairly based on an understanding of their learning patterns;
  • Assign work more appropriately based on their knowledge of the learning patterns of their staff; and, 
  • Make better hiring decisions using their knowledge of learning patterns.

Behavior Intervention Coaching

This program is designed for leaders who need support and accountability to transform bias, microaggressions and other critical workplace dispositions that interfere with building or maintaining an inclusive environment and may put the company at risk of litigation. For less than the cost of terminating an employee and recruiting and on-boarding a new employee, this is an investment in developmental corrective action for existing managers, supervisors, and other unit or organization leaders. The program includes individual live sessions and asynchronous online coaching over 16 weeks.

The goal of the coaching in this program is to:

  • Support a cooperative, collegial and safe work environment for all employees;
  • Correct potentially costly behaviors in otherwise productive employees; and,
  • Provide documentation of appropriate, relevant and customized intervention and corrective action.

Coaching for Inclusive Leadership

This program is designed for leaders who are in the critical role to enroll executive leaders, board members, and staff in strategic planning and action around diversity and inclusion goals and need support to generate buy-in with all constituents (including those the organization serves); to set measurable diversity goals; and, to learn effective and evidence-based strategies to hold others accountable. Over 12-16 weeks, leaders will invest in their leadership skill development for both long-term success and immediate and practical application.

What's Next?

Let’s talk! If you are interested in bringing coaching to your organization, schedule your strategy call and complete the interest form. We’ll discuss your needs, determine the best coaching program to meet your needs and identify other ways we may be able to serve you.