We are an organization that understands the value of people.

With over 50 years of combined professional experience in non-profits, institutions of education, and for-profit businesses as educators, administrators, service providers, and leaders, our team brings both depth and breadth of expertise to help you successfully overcome your challenges.

The People to Profit Development Framework™


“Your people are your most valuable assets. Solve your people problems and you will solve your process and profit problems.”

Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon


We empower organizations to empower people.

We help organizations improve communication, problem-solving, and profit; shape organizational culture, and improve leadership impact.

Our communication, leadership, organizational restructuring, and diversity & inclusion services will help you build a corporate culture that encourages your team to collectively meet and exceed your organization’s performance and profit goals.

Through speaking, training and coaching we will help you build committed and capable teams who move your mission forward.


We help organizations empower and equip their employees to improve performance, productivity and profit through mission alignment, communication, and leadership.

The work we do with organizations as coaches, trainers and consultants is guided by a foundational belief in the value of people and the ability of people to accomplish amazing things when in an environment that supports, encourages, and nurtures their greatness; and, when the work they do matters. The keys that are critical to developing this type of environment are Clarity, Communication, and Connection.

Whether your audience is College Students, Faculty & Staff, Non-Profit or Corporate Employees, or Executive Leaders, we will present a program that supports mission alignment, leadership development, organizational culture, or organizational change that will help improve employee morale, impact performance outcomes, increase productivity, and ultimately increase profit. You can choose a keynote presentation to motivate and inspire, a workshop to engage and learn principles, a training session to change behaviors or methods of operation, a leadership or executive coaching package for an individual review of challenges, goal or strategy development, or work-life balance; or a consulting package that focuses on strategy and implementation.

Each of our programs has three primary goals:

  1. To engage the audience with relevant, inspiring, relatable, and applicable content.
  2. To elevate the thinking and related behaviors of audience members.
  3. To shape a renewed commitment to excellence, trust, and loyalty among employee stakeholders.

While the process varies for each program in how we engage with audience members to accomplish these goals, the goals remain consistent.


Mission Critical Consulting

“Interestingly, because Dr. Weatherspoon is a phenomenal higher education practitioner and a well-respected scholar, you may lose site that she is a brilliant business mind as well. Her skill set is vast. She is a brilliant strategist, visionary, leader, coach and teacher. Her presence in any organization makes a huge difference. She brilliantly excels in environments of uncertainty and scarcity by constructing strategies that create stability followed by growth. I cannot imagine doing business without her as my chief consultant.”

Founder and CEO, Options Without Walls and Author

Mission Critical Consulting

“Cherita conducted a professional development session on learning for my staff via an extremely concise and thorough presentation. She is truly a subject matter expert in her field, which enables her audience to feel assured she knows what she's doing!”

Program Manager, Delaware Technical Community College

Mission Critical Consulting

“Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is a powerful and dynamic speaker! Her poised yet down to earth nature and practical life strategies made her words not only motivating but extremely relatable.”

Former Youth Advisor, YWCA of Delaware

Mission Critical Consulting

“Cherita has a real gift in serving as a role model, while still guiding individuals down their own respective paths. In my time working with Cherita, she’s challenged me to be a forward thinker, in collecting opportunities and experiences that will contribute to my professional goals. She has an evident interest in the advancement of professional women, and I certainly attribute my most recent success in part to my development through her coaching.”

Asst. Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life Indiana University

Mission Critical Consulting

“As a professional in higher education with many years of experience, I was very fortunate to receive guidance and coaching both personally and professionally from Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Her ability to empower me with the creation of my professional vision for my future was simply priceless. Cherita is always willing to provide feedback that ensures development and continuous learning. I was able to step outside my comfort zone and take ownership of developing skills in the areas of assessment and grant writing. I now have developed new professional goals that will enable me to move forward in my career thanks to the coaching, guidance, and impact that Dr. Weatherspoon has had on me. I am extremely grateful!”

Higher Education Professional

Mission Critical Consulting

“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon on several critical projects. She demonstrated skill in developing team members into capable leaders, guiding them through the political and professional aspects of their individual roles.”

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